Monday, August 5, 2013

Yoga in a Foreign Language

I recently took a yoga class—in French. Keep in mind that I’ve also only been to five yoga classes max in the past few years.
It was amazing. There were only four of us, so the instructor kept positioning us. Not only was the class harder because of the language (yes, I speak French, but not French yoga and muscle names!), but the poses were also more challenging. My entire body was shaking by the end of the session, and my muscles are so sore today!
Anyway, I learned some interesting French phrases:
  • se froisser un muscle = to pull a muscle
  • un tendon du jarret = hamstring
  • faire d’une pierre deux coups = to kill two birds with one stone
Of course, I wasn’t properly dressed, since I don’t practice. (I wore cotton leggings and a Sugarlips tank top.) But it was still tons of fun!

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