Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting Through Finals

I absolutely need motivation right now. I've already taken two finals, but they were my easiest ones. Of course, the only one I have left is for my hardest class--and it's not until Friday, the last day.

STATS 470. While the material really interests me (it's about the design of experiments), the class is extremely difficult. It's difficult in a frustrating way, though. Another thing that I hate about finals is that I let myself go (temporarily, of course). My sleep schedule is off, I don't have consistent meal times, and I don't have healthful food options (it's the time when you run out of food but don't want to shop right before going home). Moreover, I reserve the right to leave the house in a sweatshirt and without lipstick. Right now, as I take a study break (well-deserved, in my opinion), I'm thinking about the things that are pushing me to the end of this week. Here they are:
  • In 36 hours, I will be done with all of my finals!
  • I received an A in my other upper-level statistics class (401) this semester.
  • My professor submitted the last of my graduate-school recommendations today.
  • Earlier tonight, I met a man who was in the Army and has done tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. As I would like a career in national security, he gave me his business card. It also turns out that he's going to teach at West Point next year. He was able to guess my career goals (down to the organization!) solely based on my major and minors, and told me I'd be a great asset to it. Such wonderful, unexpected networking--this happened while I was studying at the business school!
  • Birchbox is awesome and is sending me my free mystery-sample pack, even though it's my fault for excluding it from my order.
There's light at the end of this tunnel.

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