Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Passion for Language

If you haven't figured it out by now, I absolutely love language. Studying languages is one of my hobbies, and that isn't a joke. While I had some exposure to Spanish and Hebrew in elementary school, nothing stuck. Something clicked with French, though. I've been studying it for nine years now(!), and it's taken me so far. In high school, I spent a month in Lyon and took advanced courses. Since then, I have declared it as my major, taken over 30 credit hours in the language, interned at the French embassy, and spent two months interning in Tours, France. Reading French novels and magazines, watching French TV shows and movies, and speaking with other Francophones is fun for me.

As much as I love French, I've done so much with it. At my level, we write analytical essays about Rousseau, perfect our pronunciation, and learn how to do word-for-word translating. It's all important, but the language basics are what drew me in. So, I began Arabic this year.

Hebrew is another language I've always wanted to learn. In elementary school, I learned the Hebrew alphabet, but that's it. My dad received a Hebrew Rosetta Stone as a gift a few years back, and I was incredibly jealous. Imagine how excited I was when I learned that you can download the software on up to two computers! Over Thanksgiving break, I scoured the house for it, downloaded it, and began the lessons.

I love it. It's a little easier than Arabic (and somewhat similar), so I'm not having a difficult time. I've already learned some basic grammar concepts, began keeping a vocabulary journal, and spend about 30 minutes each day with it. My Hebrew keyboard cover just arrived in the mail, too! (My Arabic one lives on my keyboard, though, as I need it more often for school.)

So far, it's working, but we'll see after some more time passes. All I want to be fluent in as many languages as possible. Also high on my list are Pashto, German, Spanish, Russian, and Persian, but I would have to find a means of learning them. For now, I just need to keep practicing the ones I know and am learning, and then gradually pick up some more.

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