Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birchbox Unveiling (January 2014)

January 2014

Total value: $22.34

January's theme is Go Time, though I'm not quite sure how that translates to my products. Regardless, this month's box is great! I haven't tried out the products yet, but I'm super excited about them. It appears that Klorane is a Parisian brand and that the dry shampoo was made in France, so the packaging has French as the predominant language (then English). Of course, I love that! The nail polish and fruit-pigmented mascara are spot on, too--two things of which I can never have too much. Plus, the nail polish comes with a glitter texture! How cute--and perfect for Valentine's Day. I'm waiting to try the teas (caffeine is the last thing I need right now), but I hear they taste amazing. Birchbox really is like Christmas every month!

If you're a fellow Birchbox lover, let me know what you got in your box! And if not, you can click here to get your own Birchbox subscription!

P.S. Check out the new Product Matchmaker feature on the Birchbox website! For mine, I got many products I already's spot on.


  1. that nail rock looks so pretty!

  2. Oohh this has some good stuff in it!! The Klorane is one of my all time favorite must have products! Clean hair in a bottle :)

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty


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