Monday, January 13, 2014

New Semester, New Outlook

Senioritis is hitting, and it's not pretty. Of course, I care too much about my grades (and future) to let my schoolwork slip, but it's the motivation that's lacking. Have I started my homework yet? Nope. Am I going to start it later tonight and be up late doing it? You bet.

Winter term has always been my favorite. My classes always seem easier, the weather becomes beautiful again, and I go out way more than I do in the fall. Also, most of my applications are submitted, which frees up my time (and reduces my stress levels). I think winter term is the time when I become more nonchalant about school, and somehow get better grades than in the fall. I know that this semester has lots in store for me--I will receive job and graduate-school decisions, I'm flying out to Austin for UT's Round-Up weekend, I have tons of plans for going out (finally!), and I'm graduating.

Cheers to a semester that blesses me with good grades, wonderful post-graduate opportunities, lasting friendships, and lots of fun.

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