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Day 1 // Agadir (أَكادير)

As-salaamu alaykum, ansuf, or bienvenue! That means welcome in Arabic, Berber, and French, respectively. While Arabic and Berber are: the official languages of Morocco, French is also widely spoken. So, watch out for lots of new vocabulary! Any italicized vocabulary will be at the bottom of the post, where you can see it in English, French, and Arabic. (There aren't many resources for translating into Berber, and I don't know the language--let me know if you find a great online dictionary for it!)

Let's get started with the trip, shall we?

The trip would start in Agadir, which is toward the south of Morocco among the Atlas Mountains. It's on the Atlantic Ocean, and is known as Morocco's best beach town--and who doesn't like that?! Agadir is one of the more modern cities in Morocco, as it was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1960. In some senses, it is more catered to tourist attractions than exposing Moroccan culture (many Europeans enjoy going on beach holidays there), but it's a wonderful city nonetheless.

If you're coming from the United States, I would highly recommend flying Delta/Air France/KLM/Royal Air Maroc. Agadir has its own airport, but don't expect to fly directly there from the U.S.! Chances are, you'll stop in Paris, Casablanca, or Rabat before making your way here. Your total airfare cost (including the return flight) will be around $1200. I plan to do this trip when I'm already in Europe, so transportation would be significantly less expensive. You can fly with Ryanair for under 100 euros each way, so even with some of their hidden costs, it's not too expensive (as far as going to Africa). Ryanair has direct flights to Agadir from Brussels, Dusseldorf, Eindhoven, and Marseille.

Before I start doling out options, I feel the need to stress how much research I've put into finding a good riad in Morocco. It isn't necessarily like Paris or London, where your friends can give recommendations, so you're pretty much on your own. I use, and to look at ratings, reviews, photos, and prices. If there are no photos, it's out of the running. With that...

Takad Dream Rooms!

A private, single room costs $15/night, and is a fairly close walk (or fast taxi) to many attractions. The hotel includes WiFi, a garden and terrace, and a tour desk. Not to mention it looks adorable!

Look at the door!

It may not look like much, but Moroccan terraces are the best lookout points, especially at night.

Such a cozy room!

As it's the first day, I probably wouldn't do much. Most flights to Morocco from Europe arrive midday, but by the time you get through customs and fill out forms at your hotel, it's evening. When my friends and I arrived in Marrakech, we weren't "free" until 6:00, so we just walked around and got dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was great, because it was low-key, yet we still got to see Morocco!

Vocabulary (French // Arabic // English)

  • bienvenue // as-salaamu alaykum (السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم) // welcome
  • un riad // riad (رِياض) // lodging in Morocco
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