Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 10 // Casablanca (الدّار البيضاء)

Hôtel Central, like the night before.


You absolutely must go to the Hassan II Mosque! It's the only jaami in Casablanca that non-Muslims can visit, and is gorgeous. It costs 120 dh for entrance, but only 60 dh upon presentation of a student ID.

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Again, anything related to Judaism in Morocco is high on my list, so I'm super excited about the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, especially since it's the only museum in Morocco that's dedicated to the religion. Entrance is only 20 dh, and it houses Judaica, photographs, and other artifacts relative to the history of Moroccan Jews.

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While you can't go inside, definitely stop by the Royal Palace to take a look! The architecture is stunning, and the gardens are beautifully curated. Plus, it's one of the many palaces in use by the current king of Morocco, Mohammad VI.

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Apparently, Musée Abderrahman Slaoui is full of jewelry, furniture, artwork, and more. Admission is 30 dh for adults, but only 10 dh for students. It's small, but definitely worth checking out!

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You know how much I love the medinas (or, in "Arabic" Arabic, medinaat), so how exciting that Casablanca has TWO! There's the old medina and the new medina, and they're very close to one another. They have some great souks, too, so browse away!

Finally, what would a trip to Casablanca be without going to the beach, or plage? Sit back, relax, soak up some (more) sun, and let the sand exfoliate your feet after that long hike.

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Vocabulary (French // Arabic // English)

  • une mosquée // jamaï (جامِع) // mosque
  • un musée // mat'haf (مَتحَف) // museum
  • une plage // shaati-i (شاطِئ) // beach

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