Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 4 // Essaouira (الصَّويرة‎)

Riad Inna, like the night before.

This day is about to be packed with amazing activities, so get ready!

The ramparts of Essaouira are remains of a fortress, like many Moroccan attractions. Once entering (it costs 10 dh), you can see some of the best views of Essaouira.

The Medina of Essaouira is actually a working fishing port that is also UNESCO Heritage Site. Surrounded by white walls, the medina is filled with souks, has a view of the ocean, and is supposedly home to many friendly people.

The Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum is full of at-taarikh. For 10 dh, you can see and learn about traditional Moroccan artifacts, including tapestries, jewelry, and weapons.
Plate excavated from Mogador Island, right off the coast of Essaouira.

Club Mistral surf lessons--what could be better than learning how to surf on the Moroccan coast? I believe they are taught in French, so brush up on your high-school vocabulary. For group lessons, two hours costs 385 dh/person, and six hours costs 1045 dh/person. While I'm all about being as frugal as possible, I'm more than happy to shell out $50 for surf lessons in Morocco!
A photo from the website.

Vocabulary (French // Arabic // English)
  • l'histoire // at-taarikh (التّاريخ) // history

Photos c/o Travel Exploration,, Panoramio, Océan Vagabond

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