Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 17 // Tangier (طَنجة)

Dar Bargach, like the night before.


The Tangier American Legation was the U.S.'s first diplomatic mission that has been converted into--you guessed it--a museum. Through art, architecture, and other artifacts, the museum aims to show the American-Moroccan friendship over the years and how it's flourished. Entrance is free, but donations are encouraged.

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We've visited mosques and synagogues, but now we're going to see a church! The Church of Saint Andrew is an Anglican church in the heart of Tangier, and its beauty has made it a famed tourist attraction. Just like you'd visit pretty cathedrals in Europe, take a look and see how a Moroccan church compares! I imagine that entrance would be free, and if it does cost anything, probably no more than 10 dh.
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The Dar el-Makhzen was the sultan's palace under Moulay Ismaïl (remember him?). Today, it houses the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities, which you can visit for a 10 dh entrance fee. Make sure to check out the gardens, too!


Kill some time walking around Parc Perdicaris. This park has beautiful views of the water, camels roaming around (with handlers, though--not in the wild!), and even a castle you can visit.

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End your evening at the Cinémathèque de Tanger, also known as the Cinema Rif. It's a theatre that shows films made from all over the world, and has an adorable café that accompanies it! Check the schedule of showings here. Tickets are $9/adult, or $5 with a student ID.

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Vocabulary (French // Arabic // English)
  • une cinémathèque // seenima (سينِما) // film archive

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