Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 19 // Traveling Home (السَّفَر إِلى البَيْت)

Grab a take a taxi down to Tangier Airport, because it's time to as-safar ila al-bayt.


It's been quite a journey, even if just via the Internet. Think about how much you'd gain out of this trip if you actually took it...two-and-a-half weeks spent traveling one of the world's most beautiful countries, climbing one of the tallest mountains, bargaining for some of the best handcrafted rugs, and sipping some of the sweetest mint tea you'll ever taste.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about this trip as much as I've enjoyed researching and writing about it. One more thing I'd like to clarify--many of you are under the impression that this is a real trip that I'm (currently) taking. While I've been chronicling this virtual trip from the Arctic (i.e., Michigan), I really do hope to do this trip one day. That's why I put so much thought and care into it--I actually want this to be a resource.

Throughout the writing of this series, my blog has grown and my eyes have been opened to many Moroccan customs of which I was previously unaware. Thank you to all of you for making it possible.

As Morocco is dear to my heart, keep an eye out for many more Morocco-inspired posts! And if there's a country or culture of which you'd like to see more--you know how to find me. :)

Ma'a as-salaama, yaa as-haabi!

With love,


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Vocabulary (French // Arabic // English)
  • voyager à // as-safar ila (السَّفَر إِلى) // travel to
  • une maison // bayt (بَيْت) // house
  • au revoir // ma'a as-salaama (مَعَ السَّلامة) // goodbye
  • à mes amis // yaa as-haabi (يا أَصْحابي) // to my friends

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  1. I am loving all your Morocco posts!! :) I just watched the movie Hanna, there is a part where she is in Morocco and speaking french :) Thank you for sharing!


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