Sunday, May 11, 2014

Travel Wishlist for Next Year

Even though it's a few months away, I'm getting super excited about my upcoming move to France! And while I won't have a huge travel budget, I will have opportunities to travel. Here are my top choices!

Mount Toubkal, Morocco

Those of you who followed my Morocco series should be familiar with Mount Toubkal! I've been wanting to hike it for months now and see all of the goats in trees!

c/o Trek Morocco
c/o Trek Morocco

Venice, Italy

Who doesn't want to go to Venice? Take a gondola down the street, look at the beautiful architecture, and eat as much pasta and pizza and gelato possible? Sounds like heaven to me.

c/o Tourists 360
c/o Tourists 360

Lausanne, Switzerland

I have a couple of friends who live here, and I've been promising them for years now that I'd come visit! It's also really close to Geneva and has a beautiful view of the Alps.

c/o My Switzerland
c/o My Switzerland

Petra, Jordan

Part of this is to actually see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but it's mostly to speak Arabic. I just love Arab culture and want to experience it firsthand!

c/o Wikipedia Commons
c/o Wikipedia Commons

Bruges, Belgium

Everyone's told me that Bruges is a much more interesting city than Brussels, and I'll take their words. Another beautiful country where I can speak French? Count me in.

c/o Short Breaks
c/o Simply Holiday Deals

Istanbul, Turkey

There is something really intriguing about Turkey I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe all of the bright colors and skyline full of minarets?

c/o Lonely Planet

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is supposed to be majestical, and I want to see it for myself. I'll just have to make sure that I don't go there in the winter, when it's dark all the time!

c/o Amsterdam Fashion
c/o Visit Reykjavik

Seville, Spain

It seems like I'm the only person on Earth who hasn't been to Spain! (I'm not counting my stopover in the Madrid airport en route to Tel Aviv.) I've heard such wonderful things about Seville, and the architecture (and city) looks stunning.

c/o Lonely Planet
c/o The Smeal Synopsis (PSU)

What are your top travel choices from this list? Help me decide!


  1. Venice was amazing, I'd definitely go back there (I was only there for 3 days and didn't even ride on a gondola!)

  2. I want to go to Norway and Sweden! I'm hoping to take a month off some summer to do it :) I've also always wanted to see Spain!

  3. I've been to Spain (but not to Seville), and it was amazing!

    Right now, I current want to go to Denmark and Switzerland.

    - Amanda -

  4. You're going to France?? So jealous. I have wanted to visit France since I was in middle school, so I can't imagine moving there! That will be such an amazing life experience, and all these places you want to visit look beautiful! I have such wanderlust...just need to save up my money to actually travel places!

    Atlantic Chic

  5. i love this post! I also have a list of places i want to go. My mom always wants to go to Petra when we go to Israel, but the heat is so horrible we havent had the chance yet :(
    Venice is also on my list, i always dream with that as a honeymoon destination. And i havent been in Seville, but to Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo and Figueres. Spain is plain beautiful.

  6. I love them all, but Jordan and Turkey are at the top of my list too! Have fun no matter where you decide to go!


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