Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Look For Less: Sarah Vickers

Time for my version of The Look For Less!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Look For Less, a shopper has a budget of between $100-200 and gets paired with a professional stylist to recreate a runway look from head to toe. On the show, the shopper only gets two outfit options and one hour to shop, but those rules are out the window here. I've set my "budget" for $150 ($100 went a lot further back then), but after taxes (it's 6% in Michigan), that's only $141.50. Let's get started!

First, I must mention that today is my beautiful best friend's birthday and she's in town to celebrate! Lydia moved four hours away when we were in middle school, so it's really difficult only seeing her once or twice a year. I'm so happy beyond belief to be with her right now that I can't even describe it.

Celebrating her birthday last year in Chicago over a Ghirardelli sundae!
(Lydia on right.)

In honor of her birthday and her visit, I had Lydia choose this look. We both love (and covet the lives of) Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers, so it was no surprise that she chose the following outfit worn by Sarah.

How adorable is she?
c/o Classy Girls Wear Pearls

It's adorably preppy and totally Lydia's (and my) style. Sarah's outfit retails well over $1000, so let's get to work!

To recreate Sarah's blue-shirt/white-collar look, I paired this Lands' End blue oxford shirt ($14.99) with a white collared tank top from Macy's ($19.49) underneath. The ruffle on the blue shirt is just adorable, and the white collar can be folded over the blue one.

This pleated skirt by Tianna is on sale for $16 ($20 with 20% off) and the blush color matches Sarah's skirt wonderfully. The brown leather sandals by Naturalizer ($22.99) will be perfect for those breezy, warm days.

Matching the sandals is this tassel zip tote bag from Old Navy ($39.94). It's such a cute and classic style, and I've heard wonderful things about the quality. And what would a preppy outfit be without tortoiseshell sunglasses? ModCloth sells these for $11.99.

Let's not forget that Sarah has a couple of bracelets on! She's wearing one pearl bracelet and a gold bangle, so I found a pearl stretch bracelet from Lands' End for $9.99 and some gold bangles from Forever 21 for $4.99.

We did it! For a grand total of $149.34 ($140.89 before taxes), you can pretend that you're boating in New England with your super-hot fiancé. (But envious of her.) We were down to the wire here, but made it!

Shop the look below, along with some extras (like these pearl earrings and this lipstick)!

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  1. Such a wonderful outfit!! And the pieces you found recreate it perfectly at a price I can be happy with!! I seriously think I'm going to have to scoop up that pink skirt!


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