Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birchbox Unveiling (July 2014)

July 2014

This month's Birchbox theme was Power Up in partnership with Women's Health. They put together some great tips on how to engage in healthier habits and are even hosting a contest to win a trip to New York! But now, time for the fun part--my box.

Here are the products I received.

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion: full size costs $24; sample value is $2.88

This lotion was fine, but nothing special in my opinion. Someone wrote that it smells like Pine Sol in a review, and I quite agree. I'll use up the sample, but this isn't something I'd buy in the future.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Valentine: full size costs $20; sample value is $9.29

I loved this lip stain so much in last month's box that I requested another color of it for this month's choose-your-own sample! I'm thrilled to have two samples of it, and plan to buy the three pack soon.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel: full size costs $48; sample value is $4.80

Although it says that the skin starts peeling after rubbing it into your skin for a couple of minutes, I found that it peeled right away and rubbing it in didn't help. I've only used this once, but my skin felt smoother afterward!

Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil: full size costs $13; sample value is $13 (received the full-sized product!)

This is the makeup item I didn't know I needed. My eyebrows are just fine on their own, but this really amped them up. I love it and am so happy that Birchbox sent the full-sized pencil!

100% Pure Gingerade Shower Gel: full size costs $15; sample value is $0.01

Seriously?! A PENNY?! I got two measly body-wash foil packets, each was 2 mL. Full size is 390 mL. WOW. Even though this was considered an "extra," it seemed almost insulting to include something of such little value, when I can barely even get a single use out of it. Not impressed, Birchbox.

BONUS: One-year subscription to Women's Health magazine: $9.99 value

Every subscriber received a free subscription to Women's Health this month, but you had the option of cashing the subscription card in for $9.99 cash instead. I'm taking that! I'll be out of the country for the next year, so wouldn't get to read the magazine anyway.

Total box value: $29.98 ($39.97 with magazine/rebate)

With the bonus free subscription/extra $10, I'd definitely say that the box fit this month's theme! I was really not happy about the body wash samples, felt pretty neutral about the body lotion, but loved the lip stain, chemical peel, and eyebrow pencil. While I've had better Birchboxes, this one didn't disappoint.

Want one, too? Subscribe to Birchbox today for just $10/month!


  1. Oh no!! I am sorry about your body wash sample! I have heard some great things about that brand and scent (although I've not tried them yet! ) I did love the fact they added the free month of women's health, I am pretty sure they did that last year because I've been getting that magazine and haven't paid for it lol!

  2. You always get the closet stuff!! :) Thank you for sharing!


  3. I wish I would have gotten that eyebrow pencil! I can't believe that shower gel was a penny! I am glad you mentioned that you could get a refund for the womens health subscription cause I would have just thrown it out. I got some vitamin gummies in my box which I think is kinda random, plus they only gave 1/3 of the amount they recommend taking daily!

  4. Glad you got a good box! I would LOVE to try that peel! Way to go, Birchbox!

    Diary of a Debutante

  5. The brand is generally good, I use their fruit mascara and love it! But the body wash was so off...like it was so liquidy that I could barely use it without it dripping everywhere.

  6. You won't regret it! I subscribed in October thinking, "oh I'll try it out for a month." Almost one year later...

  7. I got those gummies in an earlier box but had to give them away because they have fish oil for omega-3 and I'm vegetarian. And I'm glad I caught you before you threw out $10! ;)

  8. Hopefully you get it in a future box!

  9. You got an awesome box! I love your posts - they're very entertaining. Can you review Vain Pursuits please? I want to hear what you have to say!


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