Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

AH, the Nordstrom Sale began yesterday (well, at least for us plebeians without a Nordstrom card)!

Today, my mom and I set out to find some great new pieces for fall. I think we succeeded! Here's what I got: 

(Side note: I got the Caslon tunic in dark grey, the BP cardigan in black, and the Halogen wallet in dark grey.)

I also opened up a Nordstrom debit-card account, so I'm officially a Nordstrom card holder! This means that I earn points on purchases, am eligible for rewards, and get early access to the Anniversary Sale as long as I have the card. And since I spent over $100 on the day I opened it (today), I'll receive a $20 Nordstrom gift card!

I'm definitely the most excited about the Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Set. It comes with a full-sized Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream, and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream, as well as deluxe samples of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Ultra Facial Cleanser, in a cute Kiehl's-themed makeup bag. And the gifts with purchase were just wonderful--a full-sized Ultra Facial Cleanser ($19 value), a Nordstrom makeup bag, and samples galore! After all that, I'd say that I received about $200 worth of products for the $105 that I paid.

Also, these leggings are the best ever. Lululemon style and fabric with a Gap price. Go buy them!

Here are some of my other picks from the sale that I'm not letting myself buy (would I rather have a necklace or a train ticket to Monaco?):

Did you shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Let me know what you got!


  1. I have never shopped at Nordstrom but it looks like a really great place! May have to go browse online!

  2. So many awesome things! I love the Michael Kors bag!

  3. Was tempted to go but then I remembered my phone bill is due later this week lol.

  4. You have serious self-restraint, my friend! I went on Saturday and I thought of you and your mom haha. Also, that Kiehl's set is amazing. Thank goodness I didn't stop by the beauty counter, I would be officially broke.

  5. Isn't that always the case haha. Well it goes until August 1 I think, so you have time to save up!

  6. I love it because you can wear it from day to night!

  7. HAHA self-restraint meaning "this purchase = no trip to Germany" mentality PLUS my mother hovering over me. I was going to buy two of those Kiehl's products anyway, but this deal was even better. Plus I get $20 cash back and that free gift!


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