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Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons to Visit South Africa

As you all know, I'm in the midst of moving to France, so I asked some lovely ladies from the Her Campus Blogger Network to guest post for me while I transition. First up, we have Danai, who's going to tell us all about traveling in South Africa!

Hi! I'm Danai and I blog at Living, Learning, Eating.

I'm a recent graduate of Harvard University, living and working in NYC as an actress, writer, petite model, and blogger. I'm excited to guest post for Chloe while she's moving!

There are few things that I enjoy more than travel and it's really no wonder why. My mom is German, my dad is Zimbabwean, I was born in South Africa, and now I'm American!

I've been lucky to travel quite a bit and, though I'm admittedly biased as a South African, I think there are many great reasons to consider South Africa as your next vacation destination!

Here are the top ten reasons why the (up to around) twenty-four hour flight is so worth it.

1) The Beaches

Warm, soft sand and clear blue water beckon you to the southern tip of Africa.

Try not to miss Cape Vidal - not only is the beach gorgeous, but the snorkeling is unreal!

2) The Mountains

You have to see Table Mountain!

It's named after its flat top, from which you have one of the most epic views in Africa - not to mention great oversight of Cape Town!

3) The Wildlife

Three words: Kruger National Park.

It should be on everyone's life bucket list to see it at least once!

4) The Adventures

You can try everything from SUP to hiking to surfing to chillin' with lions.

You definitely won't be bored.

5) The Diversity

You will definitely get your daily dose of culture on a trip to South Africa - all sorts of people have immigrated to (and, in the past, colonized) South Africa, so you'll come upon so many different cultures and ways of life!

For starters, why not try your hand at one of the 11 official languages of South Africa at an open-air market?

6) The Weather

It's a very sunny country - many areas experience over 300 sunny days per year. The Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate, so you can look forward to hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

Don't forget, however, that seasons are flipped - so December is peak summer and July is in the middle of winter! So feeling the winter blues in January? Take a flight to summer!

7) The History

With Apartheid ending in 1993, Nelson Mandela's incredibly inspiring legacy of forgiveness, and a changing society, there is so much to learn about South Africa.

8) Responsible Tourism

It's very easy to travel green in South Africa, by doing everything from enjoying recycled art souvenirs to taking in the sights responsibly at one of the many protected areas.

9) It's the Most Modern African Country

Want to travel to Africa without having to give up all of your modern conveniences?

South Africa has the best developed infrastructure and the most modern amenities of any African country - it's the closest thing Africa has to a first world country!

You can enjoy the beauty of nature without giving up the delight of a great spa or a nice restaurant.

10) The Wine

In case you're not already convinced (how are you not?) South Africa's winelands should cinch the deal.

They date back to the mid-1600s and South African wines win international awards and receive coverage in specialty magazines, such as The Wine Enthusiast, year after year after year.

The reader's digest version: if you're going to Africa, make it South Africa!

What's your favorite vacation destination that you recommend?

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