Monday, November 24, 2014

Châteauroux, France

Hello, my darling readers!

I am so sorry to have abandoned you for so long, but I was bogged down with lots of administrative work since my move to France. After finding an apartment here, we didn't get WiFi until a few days before our two-week vacation, and since then I've been dealing with validating my visa and French residency. But I'm so excited to be back and I have lots of amazing content planned for you!

Since my arrival two months ago, I've already visited the Loire Valley, Paris, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, the French Alps, Lyon, and Florence. I'm going to focus on my home city right now, though--Châteauroux.

I was initially pretty upset that I was placed here, as I was hoping to live in a bigger city, but frankly I'm so glad I received this placement. Not only is everything cheaper (rent is only €260/month, and I get my own bedroom), but everyone here is so amazing. The other language assistants are great (I even live with three others), my students adore me, and the Castelroussins (residents of Châteauroux) love meeting Americans--we're a novelty here!

The Cathédrale Saint-André serves as the centerpiece of Châteauroux. It's an iconic image of the city, and the view does not disappoint! Each night, the entire cathedral is lit purple. A breathtaking sight, but difficult to capture on camera.

Market day (Saturday) is so much fun! Both Place de la République (city hall square) and Place des Halles (market square) are filled with stands selling fresh produce, local meats and cheeses, homemade breads, and colorful flowers. This weekend, I discovered that for only €0.80 ($1) per cup, I can enjoy farm-fresh goats'-milk yogurt with fruit mixed in. I tried the fig yogurt and I'm hooked, especially since it's cheaper than grocery-store yogurt! Starting now, look out for me as a regular customer au marché.

Châteauroux is also blessed with a giant nature park called Belle Isle. Within the park you can find the lac (lake) de Belle Isle as well as the Indre River (see above left). The park is teeming with local flora and fauna, and in the spring and summer months the lake is full of fishermen, sailors, and kayakers.

While Châteauroux is a bit more secluded, it's located very centrally in France. For just €15 ($20) and two hours of my time, I can take the train to Paris, and I'm only an hour away from the Loire Valley. Plus, this area is the goat-cheese capital of France--need I say more?

Stay tuned for more travel posts!


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! That market looks awesome, and I've never tried fig yogurt, but it sounds delicious. :]!

  2. Yes, Belle Isle! I need to go there more!

  3. Your move sounds exciting, and Chateauroux looks gorgeous. Let me know how all the goat cheese is!

  4. So amazing!! I am so happy that it is going well for you there :)

  5. Glad you are back. These pictures look beautiful, and the goat cheese capital of France?! What could be better than that!
    The Postcard Journals

  6. I had never tried it, either. I was pleasantly surprised! I have a newfound adoration of figs after putting fig jam on top of sheep cheese...yum. :)

  7. Oh, it's delicious, and I'm not even a huge goat cheese fan!

  8. Thanks, Dani! I haven't read blogs in two months so catching up (but not leaving comments anywhere bc OMG overwhelmed already haha), but loving your Laos cool that you have a motorbike? The comfort post struck me, too. Such great writing. Can't wait to read more!


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