Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paris at Christmastime

Paris is magical at any time of the year, but especially so at Christmas.

I mean...just look at it.

Marché de Noël on the Champs-Élysées
Bûches de Noël
The famed Galeries Lafayette Christmas tree
Trees around an arc (not l'Arc de Triomphe)
I even found some hints of Hanukkah in the Jewish quarter (le Marais)!

A menorah amid French viennoiseries
Chocolate dreidels and menorahs!
Nothing says "it's Christmas season" quite like getting dressed up and going to the theater. Rachel, my friend with whom I stayed, and I decided to take it one step further and go to a cabaret! For only 49€ each we got a glass of real champagne, amazing seats (second row mezzanine!), and an even better show. Sometimes it pays to be under 26 (i.e., not pay 70€ for that same ticket).

There were acrobatics, stripteases, body contortions, and even some opera songs. We also got to meet some of the cast members before and after the show!

We were quite exhausted from our big day and night out, so we came back to Rachel's apartment around 11:30 and settled in for some Riesling, bûche de Noël (yule log cake), and "Elf" in French. Talk about the ultimate night in!

It seemed like every blogger and her mother was in Paris this weekend, so I met up with a couple. Emily and I have actually hung out twice already (she only lives an hour away from me in Michigan!), but we wanted to see each other before she went home from her study-abroad program. We spent some time browsing the amazing selection at Shakespeare and Company, a charming bookstore that specializes in books in English. Emily just got her wisdom teeth out, so go send her some well wishes!

And I was REALLY excited that I finally got to meet Nancy! We've texted every day since May--we seriously have SO much in common--and she was honeymooning in Paris. Not only did I get to meet her, but I also got to meet her new husband! I love her even more in person than by text. I was so sad to say goodbye! But if we were able to meet in Paris, I'm not concerned about never seeing her again. ;) I also recently guest posted for her at the beginning of her honeymoon. Go check out her page and make sure to congratulate her on being a newlywed!

Between seeing old and new friends, eating great food, indulging in Christmas goodies, and watching a real Parisian cabaret, I had the most amazing weekend. Oh, and I casually hung out with six million skeletons, but that's a story for another time.


  1. Oh I'm going to be in Paris the 27th and I might be seeing the Mugler Follies with my mom! How did you get the under 26 tickets? When I go to the website it only has the €79 option. It looks amazing!!

  2. Oh, you're going to love it! It's the youth option. So here are reservations:
    Click on "Book Now" for "Show + Champagne;" click on whatever date you want to see the show; choose the "Ciel Bleu" option for -26 years. If you and your mom want to sit together, get her a Ciel Bleu ticket, too, but hers will obviously be full price. :p This is the only youth option but it comes with a pre-show glass of champagne from Reims! Don't do the cheaper Kabouki option, as the seats are at the very top and in the corners so hard to see.

  3. what a lovely way to spend the holidays! Everything looks so beautiful ♥

    I'd love if you stopped by for a visit and chat! >

  4. I cannot help but smile when I see these pictures! It looks like you're having such a blast! Keep posting about your trip, please! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  5. I love Paris! I would love to visit during Christmastime. It looks absolutely magical!

  6. So amazing, what an experience girl!

  7. :( every time I come to your blog I'm like I want to gooo... lol I'm glad you're having fun and taking some beautiful shots

  8. Such gorgeous photos!! So happy I am getting a new phone soon :) It was amazing to meet you!! *big hug*


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