Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Montrésor, France

It's rare that I spend a weekend in Châteauroux, but even if I'm sleeping in my own bed, I still find a way to leave the city!

My roommate Lauren, our friend Maria, and I ventured into the French countryside to visit le Château de Montrésor. Special shoutout to Lauren for driving the two-hour round trip!

This family-owned medieval castle is beautifully furnished, and I just about swooned over the book collection. The family that owns the castle are actually the descendants of Polish Count Xavier Branicki, who purchased the castle in the mid-1800s. They even live in the castle! (But that area was private, of course.)

After touring the castle, we strolled through the village, which was named one of the most beautiful villages in France. Situated on a tributary to the Indre, Montrésor was as charming as it was beautiful!

Maria and I adore farm animals (and all animals, for that matter), so we were ecstatic to find a herd of sheep! They remained on the other side of their pasture for a while, but we weren't having any of that, so we started baah-ing at them. Yes, we were making sheep noises. But all of a sudden, they just looked at us and started running toward us, as you can see in the video below!

It's always so lovely to spend a day in the French countryside.


  1. this looks like a fairytale!

  2. Wow - I am so impressed at how clean and fresh your website is. I loved this France read and will return to follow more of your adventures. Happy travels from Exploramum and Explorason

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Can't wait to meet you and Explorason in Spain!

  4. This place looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit the French countryside :-)



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