Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gateway to Europe: Tangier, Morocco

It took us nine hours to arrive in Tangier from Marrakech. But it wasn't nearly as bad as you think.

As our time in Morocco was limited, the best way for us to take full advantage was to take an overnight train between Marrakech and Tangier. Generally, overnight transportation is miserable, but I had a great experience with this train. We booked the train beds (not even 35€ for this ticket!) and I passed out right away, only waking when the train arrived in Tangier. It doesn't mean I wasn't exhausted that day, though!

After checking into the Melting Pot Hostel Tanger, we set off to find breakfast. We'd heard wonderful things about Café Hafa but were extremely disappointed upon arrival. It opens at nine, yet the chef wasn't there. We had to wait until he finally got to work 45 minutes late. The food was mediocre, the chairs were made of cheap plastic and breaking, and we were grumpy because the server kept saying the chef was only five minutes away. At least it was cheap, the mint tea tasted amazing, and the view was incredible!

Tangier is not a city made for tourists, so we spent our day wandering around. Then, we reached the beach. We must have spent hours there, playing in the sand, wading in the water, and enjoying the sunshine!

The next morning, we took the ferry over to Spain--hence the title. I was sad to say goodbye to this country, but excited about the next leg of my trip.

In all honesty, Tangier didn't impress me, and I'm not sure I'd go back. Regardless, we spent a lovely day there--I just wish it had been warm enough to swim!


  1. Wow, looks like quite the dream! Would love to visit Morocco soon. Also appreciate your honesty about Tangier. Would love for you to check out my posts~

  2. I almost went to Tangier when I was studying in Spain. I skipped it so I could go watch the Euro Cup final. Which i'm glad I did because Spain won! But I also hated that I missed out on a chance to go to Morocco. Looks like I didn't miss out on to much by not going to Tangier. I still plan to visit Morocco someday though! You and my roommate both rave about it.

  3. Beautiful photos of Tangier. Sorry you didn't like it too much, but at least you experienced it and can cross it off your bucket list!


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