Saturday, May 2, 2015

Morocco's (Adorable) Fauna

Totally inspired by Sabina's article about the cute animals of Santorini, I thought I'd showcase some of the fur babies that you can find in Morocco!

If you've ever been to Morocco, you know that stray cats are rampant. Most of them look sickly, and it's quite sad. Despite this, many of them are still healthy and happy and eager for attention (and your dinner)!

On our trip to Imlil, we visited a Berber village. Many Berbers have a range of farm animals, all of which are sweet as can be. The funniest is when you see a herd of animals grazing along the side of the road, like the photo of the goats below!

If you've already read my Imlil post, you know that you can barely cross the street in a village without running into a "Berber taxi." Ranging from horses to mules to donkeys, these animals are often covered in a colorful cloths and are usually hauling something. I feel bad for them, as mistreatment often occurs, but just look at them! Who would ever want to hurt one of these guys?!

Finally--and probably the most obvious--are the camels. No, they don't roam free around Morocco, but they're quite easy to find! One of my best travel experiences was riding a camel into the sunset of the Erg Chebbi dunes. If you haven't done that already, I highly recommend it.

So, which animal do you think is the cutest?
(If you ask me, I'd choose the babel camels in a heartbeat!)

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